Instance Configuration

In this page you will find information about the settings that are used in your current instance.

Table of contents

SSH host keys fingerprints

Below are the fingerprints for the current instance SSH host keys.

Algorithm MD5 SHA256
DSA 2c:36:22:22:8a:8b:e7:2d:6f:1b:4a:a6:e4:7e:c0:2a SHA256:3moa5NGyHlScBYZraR8Pd8RBeKDp/cGS9Uzn6w1T0+4
ECDSA cb:30:7d:02:7e:f8:dd:6a:58:e7:31:90:ad:9e:8d:74 SHA256:Qls13fNCJuKdEAgI78GKIgiymmmroY1WPvqluS+fOEI
ED25519 fc:89:85:20:24:4f:b4:2c:c9:97:08:dc:bd:8b:36:f7 SHA256:31Bbv7rmEtHnqdt19IkM75J7DWDPKvuJOEb5H2pOr1Y
RSA fd:52:5f:cd:c6:f5:3c:60:b4:8d:97:89:f4:ee:e5:dc SHA256:sWflnDpzBFMFMwRKK7nRSZP9OIwelvsOITKwV2nTzzU

GitLab Pages

Below are the settings for GitLab Pages.

Domain Name
IP Address
Port 80

The maximum size of your Pages site is regulated by the artifacts maximum size which is part of GitLab CI.

GitLab CI

Below are the current settings regarding GitLab CI.

Setting Default
Artifacts maximum size 100 MB 100 MB